For anon

I’m not really good at this, but here you go.

she’s so cute!

Save me from myself

this song is just sooooo good, i cant wait for the album!!!

Love you Lexus xoxo


Blacklisted Me ‘Save Me From Myself’ preview will be out August 7th. 
Check out the lyrics over here.


tell my father i’ll see him in Hell.


back to black

A Headbanger's Journey: LMFAO at all the Lexus Amanda haters + hateblogs!


If you really hated her as much as you apparently do, then why check up on her social networking sites to keep up on everything she does on a daily basis? You literally take up screen shots and post up everything she says or does on her social networking sites. LOL!!! What kind of a sick obsession…

Well said, i wouldnt have put it better my self. Fuck the haters!!!